The Climber Behind Pebble Pusher Guides

The idea for Pebble Pusher came about as road tripping is one of my favorite things to do. Along the way, I found that I liked to stop in cool climbing places for the day, but I didn’t generally have the time to spend a week there and really get to know the place. This put me between a rock and a hard place (bad pun intended). Did I spend $30 on a guidebook I would only use once or try to get lucky using Mountain Project and there general lack of good information? Even if I bought the guide, I frequently found some guidebooks unhelpful with their lack of photos and thousands of problems to choose from. I ended up wasting a lot of time looking for boulders only to find that it was a highball boulder problem with a bad landing that I couldn’t protect with 2 pads, but still rated as a 3 star problem. For me the risks didn’t equal the rewards. Out of this frustration the idea for Pebble Pusher was born. I was determined I could help other boulderers climb cheaply, and make good use of their limited time by documenting a few really good problems. I found that being out in the woods, scouting, taking pictures, and brushing boulders were things I loved to do. With the help of some local boulderers, I was able to come up with a guide that I hope will be useful enough for you to get your feet wet if you are passing through or if you need a little help moving from the gym to the crag. Hope to see you on the rock!

-Brandon Napieralski